Investment Management
Our clients live their life with minimal stress knowing that they have a team of professionals actively managing their investments in a sensible manner according to their specific needs and objectives.
We have built aspects of our investment approach from our client’s perspective. That is by instilling those things we believe clients would like to see in someone managing their money, including:
  • Experience
  • Emotional stability
  • A focus on process
  • The willingness to take risks but only in a calculated manner
  • Someone not incentivised to continually buy and sell simply to justify their value or fees
We have developed our own investment management process that focuses first and foremost on capital preservation.
We are value investors (Warren Buffett & Peter Lynch style of investing). We seek to find great businesses that have a sustainable competitive advantage, are in a strong financial position and are operated by a competent and ethical management team. By great business’ we mean businesses that own assets or produce goods and services that the world needs or desires and are doing so in a market that they dominate.
Once we find a business that satisfies our strict criteria we will only become owners if the current share price is trading at a price much lower than our calculated long-term value. We believe having a methodical process built on a foundation of rational and patient investing principles enhances our ability to grow wealth over the long-term.
We predominantly invest in direct shares, listed commercial property, fixed interest, and cash. We prefer to stay clear of the inflexible, tax disadvantaged unlisted managed fund space that most advising firms use.
For ethical reasons, we do not invest in business related to gambling.


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