About Us

We are a boutique firm that holds our own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL No: 484998). We do not promote or generate fees from third-party financial institution products. There can be no greater level of independence than the level we have achieved.
Our structure provides many benefits for our clients including:
  • We do not service thousands of people so our clients are not just a number. As a boutique firm, all of our clients are vitally important to us and we treat each of them this way.
    While providing value well above our fees is imperative in every instance, we are grateful the fact that we also get to know most of our clients on a personal level. It is not uncommon for us a receive a postcard or pictures from clients on their overseas trip or a picture of their new grandchild. We have found that getting to know our clients this well gives us a greater chance of proactively finding other wealth creation opportunities;
  • As we hold our own AFSL, we are not pressured into recommending/selling a licensee’s financial products to our clients. We are free to provide only those services we believe are best for our clients;
  • As we do not recommend third-party investment products it is impossible to hide fees (within say a managed fund). This empowers our clients to make fully-informed decisions about whether our services will provide them the most value.
We have clients all around Australia. Technology provides us with multiple different methods of remaining in contact: email, skype, telephone…and sometimes, when we want an excuse to travel this great country, we visit our interstate clients face-to-face.
We are a multilingual firm: English and Mandarin.
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